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Eclair Training Program

From the outside, Robotic Process Automation can seem intimidating.  There’s a lot of acronyms, jargon and technical language.  Every newcomer to the subject really wants to ask the same question…is there actually a physical robot?  (There’s not)

But it’s not difficult to understand if it’s properly explained.  The Eclair Group training programme provides easy-to-use materials and accessible training to become skilled in all areas of RPA.  All our programmes and workshops include elements from the technologies that are crucial to building well-rounded beings capable of handling what the future brings.



We have courses designed for RPA beginners, developers and analysts.  Our trainers are full-time RPA professionals whose real-life experience will guide you on building successful, enterprise grade automations. 


We run one-on-one and group training courses from our office classroom, as well as online training for remote learners, all of which can be customised to suit.

The goal of each course is to obtain certification from the relevant RPA supplier.  Upon completion of the Eclair Group training, you will return to your business with course material that you will refer to again and again, as well as the tools to start building bots and putting them into production.

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