Case Study

A customer contacts the Customer Service team via email, phone or in-store with a request to change their existing media package.

The request is captured manually within a front office app and is then picked up by a back-office agent and manually evaluated (using a complex set of rules), before being entered into two back office systems. 

The change is processed by the agent in the back-end, and the front-end is then manually updated.  Depending on the scenario, install technicians and hardware providers are also notified if applicable.

The customer is then notified that their change request has been completed. ​

The issue: process is time-consuming, manual, costly, and detrimental to customer satisfaction.


An End to End Integrated Automated Process ​

Change request submission through Agent

Select new Change Request from application API


Completion of Assistant guided questionnaire


Informing customer about implemented change

Sending new router

Scheduling appointment with Technician

Start self guided installation

Trouble shooting

RPA Solution

Scheduling technician appointment

Partnering with our Customer, Eclair delivered a hybrid solution which created an API between systems (reducing latency) and RPA to automate the ‘change of service’ process


A flexible adaptable solution has been created for the business. Changes in pricing, seasonal promotions, product bundles, new product and the complex business rules which underpin these are now dynamically catered for. 

Eclair’s solution resulted in:​

Return of investment within the same financial year

Elimination of repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone tasks

AHT (Average Handling time) reduction from 12 minutes to 2.5 minutes


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