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Mortgage Application

Case Study

The Bank had ambitious goals to double their Personal Banking home loans offering over a 12 month period. While looking to offer more loans, they also wanted to reduce the time to achieve Approval. 

The first step in the home loan origination process was to perform a property valuation using an external website.  Manual errors were having a significant impact on the credit assessment for the loan.

While goals had been established to double their offering, this was to be done at scale & without increasing the cost to process the loan applications.

The issue:  The time consuming, error prone & repetitive process was detrimental to customer satisfaction.  The bank’s inability to process home loan applications efficiently was hindering their growth targets.


The Eclair ​Group solution integrated with the client’s existing systems

Home loan application received by the Bank

Enter customer application details 


Retrieve valuation and populate CRM


Customer receives feedback with minimal delay

Application efficiently processed

Property valuation automatically generated

Key data updated to customer 


RPA Solution

The Robot populates the customer’s loan application form using data retrieved from the online valuation site.  The downloaded valuation report is then added to the Customer’s application file and correctly stored.

Scheduling technician appointment


The Eclair Group delivered an 8-week development from process refinement through to deployment to production.

Eclair’s solution resulted in:​

Benefit realization of €500k over 3 years

Reduction in Handing Time of 50%

Re-deployment of 6 Full Time Employees

Return on Investment within 7 months


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