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Case Study

The Eclair ​Group solution collates the required information from three different systems​

Excel spreadsheet generated with invoice details

Generate Invoice and Deal Summary




Retrieve related promotion details

Generate shipping report

Invoices paid on time

RPA Solution

Client efficiency improved

All supporting documents filed on local drive

Documents merged and sent to customer

Employees focus on high value tasks

The Robot reads a single form to generate four separate documents and combine them into one.  All files are automatically stored in the correct location. 


The Client had a requirement to process a high volume of invoices.  Each invoice is linked to a deal summary, discount promotion and accompanied by a shipping report before being sent to their customer for payment.

Each invoice was generated from an Excel spreadsheet by inputting the reference details into the Client’s CRM system.  The same details were used to generate a shipping report before the documents were merged into a single pdf to be checked before release. All these activities were performed manually.

The Client employed a large workforce to perform the task.

The issue:  The process was entirely manual, time consuming and error prone. Due to errors duplicate processing time was required correcting issued invoices, and chasing debts.


The Eclair Group delivered a solution that improved the Client’s turnaround time, filing system and employee satisfaction.

8-week project delivery, end to end

Reduction in Average Handing Time from 12 minutes to 5 minutes per transaction​

Redeployment of 12 Full Time Employees

Return on Investment within 3 months


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