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What is Intelligent Automation?

In a nutshell, it means smart robots. 

Robots that can look up emails for you, open spreadsheets, scan documents, process invoices, update finance, CRM or just about any other application, search websites, and much more.  If you give it clear instructions, the robot will perform the task.  And it will learn and adapt in real-time.


Sounds like it applies to your business?  Well, yes it does, every company can benefit from automation.  But there are many pitfalls if you are just starting your automation journey.  The Eclair Group is a specialist Intelligent Automation company with many years of experience across different industries.  We have learnt many lessons along the way. 


We’re happy to partner with our clients in whatever way they need, whether it’s to carry out the first proof of value, training to get staff up and running, assisting in selecting the right process, performing the automation development, or the establishment of a Centre of Excellence for automation at scale.

We can guide you through the automation journey, from the very first introduction to robots, right through to scaling of multiple processes across your business. 

At all times, we make sure that your money is spent wisely. Too often, automation fails because the wrong processes are selected. We view automation through the lens of providing real value for your organisation. How do we do this? We have a detailed tool which will estimate the business benefit and overall cost to present a robust business case based on payback and return of investment. 


If we jointly agree it meets the defined financial criteria, then we proceed to development.  If it doesn't, we will recommend not to proceed. Our goal is to ensure only qualified candidates are automated. This has mutual benefit; by developing trust, we automate more, we add to our success stories and grow our business.

“The key to automation is to select the right process.  Start small, start real, achieve your financial targets, showcase the success, develop an automation opportunity portfolio and with that momentum, scale”

Kevin O'Donnell, Managing Director, The Eclair Group

Why automate?

Intelligent automation will make your business work better.  It has the potential to positively impact every part of your organisation.  Here’s just a few reasons you might consider automating.  

Short Payback Period

Return on Investment can typically be achieved in 6-12 months

Capacity and Scalability

Capacity can be rapidly increased without long build phases

Internal Control

Full audit trail for total compliance with internal and external rules

Cost reduction

RPA solutions are typically 50-80% more efficient than humans

New Growth Potential

Repurpose valuable employees to focus on growth initiatives

Customer experience

Enhancing the customer journey through improved response times & accuracy 


Increase quality by avoiding human errors and focusing on exception management

Operational speed and 24/7 delivery

Turnaround time and service speed dramatically improved

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