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Eve is a cloud-based platform that enables real-time tracking of automation initiatives. Eve ingests live data from bots currently in production to allow for continuous monitoring of their operational performance. Eve also uses standardised automation frameworks to perform detailed complexity and financial assessments of potential automation candidates to identify the right automation opportunities. It quantifies the benefits of automation and creates visualisations to highlight financial forecasts.

Meet eve!

Realise Benefits

eve helps you establish, build and operate an end to end automation capability, to deliver positive outcomes for your business.

Combined offering

Automation and artificial intelligence is enabling the next generation of enterprise transformation, and eve brings together the best of data analysis and artificial intelligence capabilities to provide a seamless platform experience to govern and manage your transformation.
The platform combined with our team of passionate automation professionals who are committed to realising automation outcomes, help our customers transform their business.

Work with eve

When it comes to business insights, people just want to be able to ask questions and get quick answers, simple. Questions about your digital workforce?
Have a conversation with eve and uncover intelligent, easy to understand insights instantly.

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Case Studies

Discover how we've helped other companies simplify their automation journey

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