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What is a Centre of Excellence?

A Centre of Excellence (CoE) is crucial to the successful operation and scaling of your automation operation. In straightforward terms, it is a one-stop shop for advice, governance, development, support and reporting.


An embedded CoE becomes the engine for the organisation to promote and scale automation. Planning for a CoE should start early on in your automation journey to deliver support and expertise and provide consistency of approach that ensure business value is achieved with every automation.


Eclair has proven to be a trusted partner in the setup of a Centre of Excellence. 


We recognise that every organisation is different. We provide bespoke services based on a assessment of technical expertise, functional structure, company setup and RPA maturity.  Our goal is to ensure that every organisation achieves a CoE design that is optimal for them. 


“The CoE is your automation engine. It is also organic and should develop and flex to meet the needs of the organisation ”

Kevin O'Donnell, Managing Director, The Eclair Group

Let The Eclair Group establish your CoE for you

Eclair provides a menu of services ranging from a CoE managed services to enabling organisations to be self-sufficient and sustainable as quickly as possible:

Advisory services: Organisational review, capability survey and enablement recommendations

Training services for transition into roles such as RPA process analysts, developers and solution architects

Governance and change management

Setup of the Robotic Operating team including enabling roles such as RPA Champion and Service Support.

Best practice approach to RPA assessment and business case generation for robust ROI

Automation pipeline development and coding standards

Support Handovers and knowledge transfer

Scaling advice and planning

We also provide audit services for organisations with an

existing CoE and provide improvement recommendation

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