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We are The Eclair Group, a boutique automation company headquartered in Dublin. 

We came together to offer something a bit different to the automation market. Extensive business experience combined with innovative ideas.  Deep technical skills but focused on business value.  Independent advice powered by common sense.

We recognise the potential for technology to change the workplace as we know it.  To create smarter solutions for the same old tasks.  Not to find ways of replacing humans, but to find out just what humans are capable of.  
We believe every successful business is built on its relationships.  We treat our clients as our partners.  And we treat their priorities as our own.


Our Strategy

We implement automation solutions across different businesses, industries and countries.  Whether we’re working with a financial services company in Ireland, a telco in UK or a retailer in USA, we begin every engagement with the same question.  Does the solution make financial sense for the client?

Before we automate anything, we perform a full business case on each process.  How many hours will it free up, what is the payback period, and return on investment?  The answers to these questions provide the roadmap for our automation strategy and set the expectations for which we hold ourselves accountable. 

  As part of the business case we perform a process and technology assessment.  We have relationships with all of the major automation providers, a status that allows us to be agnostic in recommending the best tool for your organisation.

In all scenarios, our interests are aligned with those of our client.  Each successful automation enables you to become more efficient, to grow your business and be ready for the future. 


Our Experience

We collaborate with companies in many industries, including:

  • Financial services

  • Telecommunications

  • Retail

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

  • Utilities

  • Transport

  • Infrastructure

For every organisation, there is opportunity for automation:

  • Human resources

  • Reporting

  • Operations

  • Contact centre

  • Finance

  • IT

  • Back office admin

  • Marketing

  • Risk & Compliance

We have many satisfied clients who would be happy to tell you their story.  Contact us below to find out more.


Meet the Management Team


Kevin is a co-founder of The Eclair Group.


He has over 20 years working as, programme director, trusted advisor, and executive in Financial Services, Technology, Utilities, Telecoms and HR.


Coming from a  commercial background, he views automation through the lens of business benefit, return of investment and payback . Kevin strongly believes in a true partnership approach engaging with customers and developing long-lasting trusting relationships.

Client Services Director

Barry is a co-founder of Eclair in Ireland.


He has been an entrepreneur and investor for over 10 years with particular focus on emerging technology.  His background includes experience in financial services, retail and petrochemicals.

Barry works across the commercial, operations, and business development functions of the Eclair Group.  His strengths are in communication and business strategy, and he brings a common sense approach to every issue.


Neasa is a Business and Technology executive with demonstrated experience working in Insurance and Banking, Telecoms, Health, Education and Management Consulting.

She has a strong leadership track record with a proven record of leading large strategic transformation programs. An exceptional ability for engaging colleagues, customers and business partners in developing and executing on strategy.

Neasa has worked in RPA for over 2 years and has seen RPA evolve and eliminate manual process in a range of environments.


The success of Eclair is built on its team.  When you bring together smart people who care deeply about what they do, you can create great things.

Partnerships and Alliances

Eclair’s partner management team works with our technology providers to offer the most efficient solutions for our clients.

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Partnerships and Alliances

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